What is essential is invisible to the eye.

A kind of spark is a humble attempt at writing in a language i learned to love and, perhaps at the same time, to hate. But as part of ...lets just say a"ritual" pacted with my very best friend, i'll print in this "sheet" all my thougths, livings, and other stuff that happens in my life. Welcome aboard my watchtower fellows.

When we're just so fucked up we cannot even remember what is the cause of the pain we're gettin through, i always remember the times when the stars shone while our minds were so far away from the reality.
Our hands, together, as if nothing ever could have touched us, as  if even    the world was crumbling in the sea, not even that would change the fact that you were mine, and I was yours.
I'll never forget the times we had, your smile and your grace, all of you; and even if i want to go back, i'll never turn back time because that's something you probably wouldn't want it, so i'll be living my life the best i can and i hope i don't dissapoint you.
But you'll see I'm human after all so you have to spare me sometimes , and I am sure you will.
I'll never forget you, and I wont forget the time neither.

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