What is essential is invisible to the eye.

A kind of spark is a humble attempt at writing in a language i learned to love and, perhaps at the same time, to hate. But as part of ...lets just say a"ritual" pacted with my very best friend, i'll print in this "sheet" all my thougths, livings, and other stuff that happens in my life. Welcome aboard my watchtower fellows.

Right there i was, like any other day you could say, but it was slighty different , just a bit different than any other day. I went out in the morning for getting out of my head some thoughts that had been rounding myself for above 6 months; was i wrong?, were we both wrong about spending time with each other? as you could see we really loved each other, but she was married. I don't know why, but even as the time goes by, i cannot be free and, i don't think i'll ever be.
I went outside for breaking the habit of sleep till twelve o clock, and i was a little in the mood to, i don't know , perhaps walk to the place where we went when we had the time. And when i reached, i sat on the grass waiting a sign, a smile, something shiny for my soul, and even if nobody asked me soemthing or waited for me to be anywhere, i think that something changed. I felt the warm sun on my chest and later on my face and,(I don't really like the sun that much, but it was allright) it felt so good that i thougth to myself "hey , i will not forget her, she was the most beautiful being that i have possibly ever met, i won´t forget her". Then, full of a new achieved strength, I went to my house again and looked at the living room, at the kitchen and later, at my bedroom.
I turned on the PC and saw her husband with a girl with a particulary familiar face, i thought that perhaps i shouldn't have looked at it ,but i said well, it's now or never. When i saw the comments and even worst, when i saw that she was a friend of Raquel, i really was angry. You cannot forget someone so important in your life just six months later. But then i really understood that i was the only one that have ever loved her, and i'm prod to say that i loved her.
I loved her and i always will, but that's nothing bad.

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